Our Services

NRA Services and Activities

The NRA undertakes activities to support the DHBs in their implementation of Government health policies and Ministerial priorities, as directed by the Northern Region DHBs and approval from the NRA Board. In conjunction with the 4 Northern DHBs, NRA aims to support the effective implementation of policy directions and objectives. 

In particular, the NRA

  • Supports the 4 Northern DHBs where there is benefit from working regionally to meet Minister’s objectives
  • Supports goals that the DHBs have committed to in the Northern Region Health Plan
  • Supports goals that the DHBs have committed to in DHB Annual Plans

Is proactive in identifying ways to

  • Improve value for the money expended on health services
  • Support regional activity to help address potential vulnerable services in the short term
  • Improve clinical and workforce sustainability in the medium to longer term

Unless by explicit agreement, NRA’s scope of work excludes

  • Information systems support to DHBs
  • Procurement advice, with the exception of complex contracts for clinical services by agreement
  • Workforce operations, excluding RMOs in Metro Auckland Internal Audit Services