Workforce Development

The NRA facilitates a regionally integrated approach to workforce planning and development for all health professionals. in accordance with Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ), DHBs and Northern Region Health Plan (NRHP) planning documents.  

The NRA works closely with the DHBs, HWNZ, tertiary education providers and the Northern Region Clinical Leaders Forum to implement its work plan. We also collaborate with the other regional training hubs, and HWNZ to share ideas and initiatives that can be rolled out to other professional groups and hubs. 

The work programme for Workforce Development is focused on ensuring that the region is well positioned to develop a workforce that is aligned with future models of care, demand growth and affordability constraints.

Northern Region Health Plan

The Workforce Development work programme actively supports the Northern Region Health Plan’s 5 workforce objectives, which are aligned with both national HWNZ strategies and local DHB activity. These are: 

  1. Strengthen clinical leadership and management capability throughout the workforce
  2. Grow the capacity and capability, and the size of our Māori and Pacific workforce
  3. Increase the flexibility and affordability of the workforce
  4. Build and align the capability of the workforce 
  5. Optimise the pipeline and improve the sustainability of priority Workforces

Matt Pontin | Regional Director, Workforce Development & Training