The Northern Region Diabetes Network is committed to providing regional clinical leadership on diabetes prevention and management across the health system, with the aim of achieving system-wide integration and improvement in health outcomes for at risk populations.

Diabetes is a chronic condition which impacts patients and their whanau over a lifetime. There are approximately 128,000 people in the region with diabetes, and this number increases by 3.6% per annum. Much of the cost of diabetes in the Northern region is due to treatment of complications.

It is vital to prevent or minimise these complications, as they can lead to disability through problems such as retinopathy, leading to blindness; high risk foot, leading to amputations; renal failure and cardiovascular disease.

The Network operates closely with other networks, specifically the Cardiac Clinical Network; Primary Care providers including PHOs and Metro Auckland Clinical Governance Forum (MACGF), whilst supporting service development via network working groups such as the Diabetes Nurse Forum, Podiatry (Diabetes) group and DHB Planning and Funding meetings.

Key Achievements: 

  • All DHBs consistently achieving over 90% for ‘More heart and diabetes checks’ national target
  • Closer working relationship with the Northern Cardiac Clinical Network
  • Improved Indicators for reporting
  • Retinal screening data recorded monthly, including ethnicity
  • Quality Standards and Audit tool for Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) have been developed
  • DSME Curriculum
  • Diabetes Nurse-led clinic guidance for primary care
  • Support the development and implementation of Diabetes Health Pathways

For more information New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes (external link)


Helen McKenzie | Programme Manager