Corporate and Business Support

The Corporate team provides financial management, and delivers corporate and business services to support the effective operation of NRA.

Core responsibilities include

  • Provision of innovative, quality corporate and business support services that meet internal customer requirements
  • Development of annual and strategic planning documents such as the Business Plan
  • Delivery, within budget, of the services and objectives as set out in the Business Plan
  • Development of the budget and performance management framework for NRA
  • Working with Functional/Portfolio Managers to ensure operational delivery of NRA
  • Business Plan and strategy
  • Ensuring equipment and facilities are maintained to enable delivery of quality service
  • Participating in contract reviews as requested by DHBs
  • Ensuring compliance with appropriate statutory and other relevant regulations and standards
  • Timely and accurate reporting of financial performance against budget to key internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing and maintaining effective systems and controls, to ensure adherence to delegations, budget limits and all NRA policies
  • Financial reporting requirements under contracts with 3rd parties
  • Establishment and maintenance of people management, policies and processes (recruitment, performance development, reward and recognition)
  • Processing requests for new contracts, contract renewals, transfer of ownership, changes and terminations as directed by client DHBs
  • Undertaking bulk contract rollouts on core regional contracts, such as Health of Older People, LTS CHC, pharmacy and oral health

Tanya Gannon | Corporate and Business Support Manager