Regional Planning and Service Delivery

Regional Health Service Planning, Coordination and Delivery

The NRA supports collaborative work across the Region by providing project management, coordination and secretariat support to a range of forums and projects. NRA plays a key role in developing and implementing the Northern Region Health Plan.

As a region we have prioritised a small number of areas to focus on where we believe we can make the greatest impact. The NRA will:

  • Progress the Northern Region clinical networks’ focus areas for 2016/17. There will be a particular regional emphasis to achieve gains in Child Health and Health of Older People. We will also prioritise equity issues through our regional clinical network mechanisms, as well as maintaining our focus on quality and safety across all areas of regional work
  • Support Regional service changes and other regional service planning with a particular emphasis on:
    • Hyper-acute stroke services; improvement to models of care and service implementation plans
    • The new national Hepatitis C initiative to implement a clinical care pathway, assessment and treatment services across the Region
    • Local oncology service delivery, where we will investigate the options for transitioning some high volume Medical Oncology service elements between service providers
    • Electives service delivery, and maintaining achievement of the reduced elective services wait time target

As a region we will work to progressively integrate the provision of care between primary, community and hospital services. Primary care will have increased responsibility for health outcomes and our intention is that more patients will be managed and supported locally without needing to present to hospital, and care will be provided that is universal but not necessarily uniform. 

With strong clinical leadership and focus, and the participation of our primary care and community partners, we expect over time to realise material improvements in health outcomes for our population. In the short to medium term we are aiming for greater consistency in clinical pathways, so that a person receives the same care regardless of where they present for treatment. 

NRA’s work to support the Northern Region Health Plan is led through 3 portfolio teams:

  1. Regional Planning and Service Delivery
  2. Cancer, Migrant Health
  3. Mental Health & Addictions and other Services

Tony Phemister | Portfolio Manager